Inexpensive Ways to Free Up a Clogged Toilet When Your Plunger Doesn’t Work

There are few things in life around your home that are more inconvenient than a plugged up drain on your toilet; this is especially true if you did not notice your toilet was backed up until after you just got rid of last night’s dinner. You have been conditioned that the plunger you keep handy will always cure this problem but low and behold that is not the case today. Before you start to scream and throw things, here are some inexpensive and handy ways other than using the plunger that may get your clogged toilet drain flowing again.

1. Use a Homemade drain cleaner

That baking soda and bottle of vinegar that are just sitting in your cupboard make an excellent and inexpensive homemade drain cleaner when the two are combined. You do this by adding 1 cup of baking soda along with two cups of vinegar directly into … read full article...