Common Tumble Dryer Problems And Solutions

Scottsdale Appliance Repair ProsA tumble drier is one of the most essential daily-use appliances in your home. If you make use of a tumble drier on a daily basis, here are some of the more common appliance failures you may be faced with and a few tips for carrying out checks.  If these don’t work, you may have to call a professional repair company.

The dryer does not heat up

Whether you have a gas or electric tumble dryer, the first thing to check is whether the dryer door has been opened mid-cycle by someone.  The second thing to check is the laundry load as overloading may prevent the dryer from heating up effectively.  If everything is okay so far, try re-setting the dryer by pressing the reset button until an audible clicking sound is heard. A red reset button is normally located either inside or at the back of most tumble dryers. … read full article...