Modern indoor plumbing is necessary for the sanitation and health in any Canadian household. For the majority of families, the bathroom toilet’s plumbing works perfectly for the vast majority of the time, performing its important function with the pull of a handle. However, from time to time the water supply may get cut off – in this case, indoor plumbing won’t do its job, which creates a quite unpleasant situation. The following plumbing tips will help you flush the toilet if your water is not working.

Toilet Problems

A toilet that fails to flush isn’t the largest of plumbing emergencies, but it can create an awkward, embarrassing situation for the individual who utilizes the restroom without realizing that there’s no water supply. Fortunately, there are ways to easily get rid of what’s in the toilet even when there’s no water running into your home. Whether the water was turned off to have a plumbing repair done, or the municipal supply was shut off due to a problem in a water main or something else has happened, there’s always a way to deal with it.

Keep in mind that your toilet tank begins to fill up right away after you flush, and remains full until you use it again. This mean it’ll be ready to use when the water supply gets cut off – so you’ll have one flush to use in this case. A wise homeowner will save that flush so that they can use it in case of an emergency, but someone may unwittingly use the final flush – so you’ll have to be creative.

Hacking the Bathroom Toilet Plumbingplumbing

The secret of the toilet’s plumbing system is that it requires no pressure, and not even running water, to properly function. All you’ll need is water to fill up the tank, and from there, it works entirely through gravity. As soon as you pull the handle, the tank empties its content into the bowl, which pushes everything inside down the drain, and out of your home.

If there’s no water flowing into your tank via plumbing, there’s an easy way to replicate its action. Simply fill a bucket with water and then dump it into the bowl, and you’ll have your flush. A reassuring thing about the bucket method is that the water you use doesn’t really matter, since it’ll go down the toilet. If you don’t have water ready in your home, you could simply fill the bucket from a rain barrel or a nearby stream, or maybe ask your neighbor for help. If you anticipate having to turn off your water for a while, it’s a good idea to prepare by filling up a bucket or two in advance.

Plumbing Expertise For Routine Maintenance Or Emergencies

A professional plumber will be ready to take on even the dirtiest jobs in order to make sure your family’s bathroom toilet plumbing works correctly. Whether you have an emergency or are looking to have some routine maintenance done, do not hesitate to contact a skilled plumber who’ll be able to keep things flowing around your home.