How Professionals Repair a Broken Sewer Line

There are few jobs that need to be done around your house that are less desirable for you to take on yourself than doing a sewer line repair, it can be a nasty and unhealthy experience to say the least. That is why most people leave this undertaking to professionals to do for them. Maybe you wonder how exactly they do a big job like this? Here is an overview of the broken sewer line repair process.

Sign You Need a Sewer Line Repair

There are a few telltale signs that you may have a problem with your sewer line and need to call a professional to come check it out. The first is sand, dirt, feces and other solids backing up into your bath or shower stall when using them. This can be a sign the pipe has been crushed or cracked enough that dirt may be clogging or … read full article...

Routine Plumbing Maintenance around Your House

If you ever stop and take a good look around your house you will find that you are totally surrounded by plumbing lines, plumbing fixtures and appliances that use plumbing to feed water to them. It is a lot of plumbing to say the least. Our friends at Air Conditioning Edmonton recommended to do some routine plumbing maintenance around your house on a monthly and semi-annual basis. Here are some things you can do to insure the plumbing in your house and the appliances that use it stay in as good of a working order as possible.

Inspect Your Plumbing Inside And Outside

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies to the plumbing and plumbed appliances that are in your house too. Once a month you should take a walk around the inside and outside your house and take a look at the visible plumbing in … read full article...