roofing problems

One of the most important tasks as a homeowner is taking good care of your roofing. Many people tend to forget about their roofing because it is not something you see every time you get out of the house. Some homeowners think they can easily spot a roofing problem.

This is not the case. Some experts usually miss out on spotting roofing problems. Before you can be good at spotting roofing problems, you need to be trained, have the skills and experience with roofing. It is important to identify the problem with your roofing early so you can have it fixed before it becomes more serious and compromise the structural integrity of your roofing and even home.

Below are some of the most common roofing problems.

Lack of Maintenance – You should always have a roof inspection done once a year. Your roofing should also be inspected by a professional after severe storm events. Many different things will go wrong with your roofing over time, and this is why you need to have these problems taken care of before they become serious problems that cost a lot of money to fix. Some indicators of neglected roof include sagging, mildew, or large holes.

Improper Repairs – This is one of those problems that are very painful because you hired someone to come and repair the roof. Unfortunately, there is no way of preventing such problems, but the best you can do is choosing a reputable professional roofer. There are a lot of shady contractors working on projects out there, and they tend to cut corners because they will get paid anyways and it might take some time before the homeowners realize what they did.

Storm Related Damage – There can be storm-related damage whether it is Winter, spring, summer, or fall. Rain, heavy winds, hail, lightning or broken branches can lead to roofing damage. After weather-related events, make an effort of having your roofing inspected for possible damage. The window for filing for an insurance claim is usually small, and you don’t want to delay and be forced to pay for the roofing repairs out of your pocket.

Roof Leaks – No matter the type of roofing, if there are any leaks, you have a problem on your hand. The roofing of your home acts like the lid on a container. The main goal of a lid is keeping everything in the container dry. If there is a leak, you have to fix it to minimize the damage. Different reasons can cause the leaking of your roof; your concern should be detecting them early and have them repaired and cleaned up in time.

Moisture – Although moisture is not a problem when there is no leak, this is not always the case. Moisture build-up can lead to a lot of problems, and it gets worse over time. Moisture can lead to mildew and mold, which is what causes rot. This can become an even bigger problem if the mold starts developing on the walls of your home because it poses a lot of threat to the structure of the house.

Poor Installation – there are professional roofing contractors who see it as a fast way of making money. Some roofing contractors don’t have the necessary qualification to do such types of work but will take it because they are going to get paid. Problems usually take some time before they are detected, but once you can detect the problem, it is usually a little late for it to be easily fixed. This is why a small problem easily becomes more serious after some time. You might be forced to have your entire roofing replaced.

The best way of avoiding such problems is by hiring a reputable roofing contractor. Ensure they have been licensed and insured. Before hiring them, make sure you check their ratings with the Better Business Bureau. If possible, get some references of people they have worked with before so you can find out more about the contractor.

If possible, work with a contractor who has worked with a family member, neighbor, co-worker, or friend. You are less likely to have a problem with a contractor when they are highly recommended by someone you trust. You will still need to confirm if they are licensed, insured, and a good rating with BBB.