Flushing the Toilet When There’s No Water

Modern indoor plumbing is necessary for the sanitation and health in any Canadian household. For the majority of families, the bathroom toilet’s plumbing works perfectly for the vast majority of the time, performing its important function with the pull of a handle. However, from time to time the water supply may get cut off – in this case, indoor plumbing won’t do its job, which creates a quite unpleasant situation. Read on to see some tips at that’ll help you flush the toilet if your water is not working.

Toilet Problems

A toilet that fails to flush isn’t the largest of plumbing emergencies, but it can create an awkward, embarrassing situation for the individual who utilizes the restroom without realizing that there’s no water supply. Fortunately, there are ways to easily get rid of what’s in the toilet even when there’s no water running into your home. Whether the water … read full article...

Getting the Best Pressure in Your Home’s Water supply

One of the worst things in the world — right up there with losing your glasses and drinking cold coffee — is stepping into the shower and being met with a pathetic trickle of fluid hardly sufficient for getting fully bathed.Water Pressure Sometimes the cause for low water pressure is pretty easy to locate and solve, but there are many reasons this can be a problem. Some are a result of a much larger issue within the city’s water supply and can be beyond your DIY capacities.

If you are interested in affecting the pressure of your home’s water supply, let experts explain the wonders of the modern water pressure tank and pump, that can allow you to enjoy proper water pressure even when the city is drowning in their lack of water.

Figuring out What is Wrong with the Pressure?

Low water pressure is not as bad a problem as … read full article...

Common Water Heater Problems

There is nothing like having hot water at your disposal in your house when you need it. It is great for doing such things as getting your clothes extra clean, rinsing off greasy dishes, giving the baby a warm bath and ending your day with a nice hot relaxing shower. That is why it is so inconvenient to have water heater problems at the wrong time. Here is a list of the most common water heater problems.

Bad Thermostat

If everything seems to be working right on your water heater but the water is cold or just lukewarm, you probably have a bad thermostat. Try turning it up higher and see if that helps. If not, then replace the thermostat.

Burnt Out Electrical Contractor

If your water heater is tripping the breaker or not heating and it has a burning smell, it may be that the electrical contractor has burnt … read full article...

How Professionals Repair a Broken Sewer Line

There are few jobs that need to be done around your house that are less desirable for you to take on yourself than doing a sewer line repair, it can be a nasty and unhealthy experience to say the least. That is why most people leave this undertaking to professionals to do for them. Maybe you wonder how exactly they do a big job like this? Here is an overview of the broken sewer line repair process.

Sign You Need a Sewer Line Repair

There are a few telltale signs that you may have a problem with your sewer line and need to call a professional to come check it out. The first is sand, dirt, feces and other solids backing up into your bath or shower stall when using them. This can be a sign the pipe has been crushed or cracked enough that dirt may be clogging or … read full article...

Routine Plumbing Maintenance around Your House

If you ever stop and take a good look around your house you will find that you are totally surrounded by plumbing lines, plumbing fixtures and appliances that use plumbing to feed water to them. It is a lot of plumbing to say the least. Our friends at Air Conditioning Edmonton recommended to do some routine plumbing maintenance around your house on a monthly and semi-annual basis. Here are some things you can do to insure the plumbing in your house and the appliances that use it stay in as good of a working order as possible.

Inspect Your Plumbing Inside And Outside

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies to the plumbing and plumbed appliances that are in your house too. Once a month you should take a walk around the inside and outside your house and take a look at the visible plumbing in … read full article...